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Dynamite Battery and Charger combo - LiPo

DYN1510 $74.99

Powerstage Bundle - Stage 2: 2s Lipo Ec3

We have 2 in Billerica as of Monday February 18th 2019
we can get around 1 more in about 1 day

This is a battery and charger combo. It includes a 5000 mAH lipo and compatible charger. The battery has EC3 connectors.
Stage 2 performance provides faster acceleration and longer run-times
compared to Stage 1. The included Prophet Sport charger (DYNC2030)
provides a safe and convenient method of charging the included 2S 30C
7.4V 5000mAh Dynamite Reaction battery and offers the next step in
speed, acceleration and overall performance. Your vehicle's ESC must
have a LVC (low voltage cutoff) to utilize the included 2S Li-Po

description revised by: DB November 1, 2018